Insurance tailor-made for YOU!

We understand your disappointment with short-term insurance products that are available in the market and know that each business and individual is unique. With this wisdom, we have developed products for YOU, the discerning individual and business, who expect a lot more from their short-term insurance company. Our range of products, designed with YOU in mind includes:

  • Multi-peril policy
  • Income protection policy
  • Credit Insurance
  • Guarantees

These products give the client a full range of short-term cover over a range of assets and events, including cover for assets not covered by an existing policy, and all this with no hidden costs and an additional 20% cover on premiums purchased!

We undertake a comprehensive risk analysis to determine each client’s unique risk situation and will help YOU decide where YOU need cover and the premium YOU can afford to pay.

A Corporate Guarantee policy gives YOU the flexibility to increase the excess payment on your conventional short-term insurance and save on existing premiums.

And how do you do this…? By combining your insurance policy with a Corporate Guarantee policy, which you then use as a contingency policy. That way, YOU can take your time to build up your self-insurance fund while enjoying peace of mind that comes with knowing that YOU are covered.

In the event that no loss is suffered on a policy, YOU will receive:

  • the positive balance of your experience account
  • PLUS a no-claims bonus earned

If this sounds like just the thing for YOU, contact Corporate Guarantee today.

Insure Yourself

  • You are rewarded for good risk management via a no-claims bonus.
  • Corporate Guarantee provides an additional

20% cover on top of your self-insurance fund.

  • Claims are paid out within 24 hours.
  • Save on short-term insurance payments.


About Corporate Guarantee

Corporate Guarantee is a specialist Insurer, providing innovative risk management solutions as an alternative to conventional insurance. 


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